Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Foundry work 2012

It's been a while since I posted anything, but I'm hoping to remedy that starting with some commission work I did for Foundry Miniatures back in 2012. I was very excited to be taken on as a painter, unfortunately it was to be short lived. It was tough luck to be given some work by them just when it seemed the company was going through some upheavals. No sooner had I been picked up, I was dropped, (with a few other painters so I'm to understand). I've never shown these before, as you get a letter from Foundry telling you not to unless you've had permission from them. But it's been a few years now so I think its OK. The photography is a bit rough on some (I've got better) so I do apologise.

Unfortunately the fork-like weapons the woman were fighting with were bent and broke when I received them. Tried to mend or reinforce them as best I could but still looked a bit crap.

Please excuse the blue-tack. I obviously couldn't glue them together as I needed to post them to Foundry. But you get the idea of how they should look.

And that was it. Like I said short but sweet.

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