Thursday, 26 July 2012

GW 1986 Wood Elves

Picked these up at a local wargames show (, which although still in its infancy and therefore small, was still very enjoyable. I think they're some kind of Wood Elf, War Dancer, type thing. What ever they are they were fun to paint anyway.

Victorian Gents 2

Finished the other two figures that I bought as a pack of four. One criticism, the sculptor puts a little ball inside the eye socket I can only suppose to represent the eye ball itself. This makes the eyes awkward to paint, and you're stuck with the stare that the sculptor as left you with. Far better to leave the eyes blank and let the painter decide how he wants to represent the eyes. This as much more versatility regarding whether you want the figure looking left, right etc. But again overall I was pleased with the end result.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Foundry Lawmen

Had these primed up for ages, finally got around to painting them. Some I really enjoyed painting, others I thought the pose was a bit wrong. I bought the pack just for the guy in his Long Johns really. They cost £15 in total including p&p, a bit steep but I'm really pleased that Foundry are finally sorting their postage cost out.  Enough said or else I might not get any more work from them.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Victorian Gentlemen

Picked these up at a local market stall, they're by a company called Black Pyramid ( Don't know much about them and never painted any of their figures before. Sculpts are a bit "no frills" but paint up pretty well. They come in packs of four for £6, so I've got two more to do. I made some cobblestone bases with green stuff, removing the lead bases they were on and pinned them to the ones I'd made. I think it gives them more of a Victorian feel.