Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Heroes of the Alamo

This was my entry for the Steve Dean painting competition. Again I enjoyed taking part very much and was pleased and pleasantly surprised it got to the semi-finals, where it was knocked out (justifiably so) by some superbly painted Ratling Snipers. I could not compete with egg shells and apple peel, modelled on the base of the figures, stunning. I'm glad to see this and the other entry that I lost against in my category, the Samurai Command both in the finals; two very well matched opponents. To be honest I thought I was out when I went up against a very nicely painted Slaine 2000AD figure with its excellent black and yellow tartan, but just managed to scrape through. Bring on the next comp.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The 44th East Essex

Finally finished the East Essex command stand, I've been working on for a good while now. Pleased with the outcome considering Napoleonics is not my period as such. I bought the Offensive Miniatures ( Napoleonic command set from Salute so I'll probably do that next, with a view to buying more of that range of figures as I like the look of them. The flags are not yet glued in place, just held with a bit of blue tac. I doubt whether they would survive transit, if I sell them, which I probably will. I inadvertently painted the squadies gun strap the same wood colour as the stock, which until it was pointed out, had escaped my notice. Luckily this was easily corrected.