Thursday, 3 December 2015

Knuckleduster miniatures new 32mm Digital figures

These are a new range of figures by Knuckleduster Miniatures, digitally sculpted or should that be designed (not sure what the process is), but they are gorgeous however they're made. Advertised as 32mm but wouldn't look odd next to a lot of the 28mm figures on the market such as Great Escape Games - Dead man's Hand. They are beautifully detailed but unfortunately are not free of the usual casting problems such as mold lines and flash, but clean up fairly easy (although Billy Clanton had a mold line straight through his face, impossible to get rid of completely). What I really like about them is the dynamic posing of the figures, they really do look like they're about to move and I don't know how but the guns look like they've got some wait in them, the way the characters are holding them. Well I'll stick the photos up and you can see for yourself, cheers for looking.

Curly Bill Broscious

Johnny Ringo

Ike Clanton

Billy Clanton

Frank Mclaury

Tom Mclaury