Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Crusader Miniatures German Tank Hunters

Bought a North Star Miniatures (  lucky bag and these were some of the figures that were in it. I'm really enjoying painting World War II figures at the moment, especially Germans. Lets face it they did have the coolest uniforms and weapons. The other figures in the lucky bag were Artizan Designs German Panzer Lehr. Hopefully I'll get around to painting them someday soon, although I've got all the figures I bought from Salute. So many figures so little time (damn that would of been a better title for this blog, never mind).

Alternative Armies 105th Rifleorcs

Had these hanging around on my bench for a while now so thought it was time to finish them off. I love the quirkiness of the Alternative Armies stuff. Set in an Napoleonic fantasy world (I can imagine all the Naps. purists rolling their eyes and wondering if there's anything sacred left in the world), Orcs take on the role of the English, Elves the French, the Scots are rats, the Portuguese goblins, Spanish are dark elves and the Russians are undead etc etc, I think you get the idea. I think they might of gone too far with the Dodo cavalry though. Elves are to come.

Monday, 16 April 2012


Some Artizan Pinkertons; lovely sculpts once again.