Sunday, 25 March 2012

Artizan Cowboys

I was in such a hurry to get these on ebay (free insertion fees.... yippee) that the matt varnish hadn't quite dried properly, so there is some shiny bits. Purchased from Arcane Scenery and Models who I must big up as they've not let me down once and who are the fastest delivery in the west.

Fallschirmjagers 3

Finished the machine gun team this weekend. I probably should of based them on a large round base, but I was on automatic pilot and before I new it I'd super glued them on to rectangle bases and they didn't want to come off. Never mind I think they should still work O.K.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fallschirmjagers 2

Another bunch of Fallschirmjagers finished. I have a machine gun team lying down to do but I've gone and based them individually when I think they would of been better on one large round base. O well, I still think they'll look alright.

Mines of Moria

I bought the Mines of Moria box set at a very reasonable price from ebay some time ago. If I'd paid full whack for it I would have been very disappointed as the casting on some of the figures is terrible, you cant tell where one thing ends and another starts. Painted them a bit slap dash so I could get a game in with my son. Just got the gobs to do and the cave troll which I'm saving to last as it seems to be the best one, although on dry fitting there may be some gap filling to do.