Friday, 2 August 2013


Another experiment, this time I was looking for something that would clean up plastic. I found this GW Tau that was all gunked up with paint that I think belonged to my son. After perusing the detergent section of my local supermarket I decided to give Cillit Bang Grease and Sparkle power cleaner ago.
So I sprayed some in a plastic bag, popped the mini in and left it for about three or four days. I then gave it a good scrub with a cut down tooth brush which fetched most of the paint off but I popped it back in again for another soak for another day and then gave it another clean. There were bits of paint left in the places that the tooth brush couldn't reach, so I got a pin and scraped as much of it out as I could. All in all it didn't do a bad job, in fact I cleaned the Druid and Thief with it too, so it works on metal as well and isn't as smelly or toxic as paint stripper or ascertone. I also gave a blue background a try. It's not my best paint job as the figure was already glued together, but fun never the less.

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  1. If you can get the pine variety of dettol it works wonder and smells nice :d usually a soak over night does the trick.