Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Heroes of the Alamo

This was my entry for the Steve Dean painting competition. Again I enjoyed taking part very much and was pleased and pleasantly surprised it got to the semi-finals, where it was knocked out (justifiably so) by some superbly painted Ratling Snipers. I could not compete with egg shells and apple peel, modelled on the base of the figures, stunning. I'm glad to see this and the other entry that I lost against in my category, the Samurai Command both in the finals; two very well matched opponents. To be honest I thought I was out when I went up against a very nicely painted Slaine 2000AD figure with its excellent black and yellow tartan, but just managed to scrape through. Bring on the next comp.


  1. Lovely work daz,The buckskin is superb.


  2. I love your painting style and the flesh tones are superb.

  3. Cheers fellas, much appreciated.