Saturday, 28 January 2012

Scalp Hunter

Another Foundry discontinued Old West figure. This one is the first in a set of two Scalp Hunters called De Witt Pucket and Smiling Abe Donahue of which this is the latter, I think. I love painting Foundry miniatures but if I buy direct from their historical site the postage is way too much. For example I picked this set up on ebay for £9.50 including P&P, the same type of sets on the Foundry site cost about £12 which I would pay if the P&P wasn't £8. As much as I like their figures I begrudge paying such high P&P. Their new Fantasy site charges a percentage of the purchase total with a minimum of £2 something. Hopefully the historical site will adopt this method. Enough of my moaning, hope you like the paint job.


  1. i think the same about the froundry p&p-costs. i really don't understand this policy - i fear they will loose many customers about this costs.
    the figures are really great and the painting is stunning! how did you make the fur of the horse?

    1. I painted the horse as normal first using the three colour method (VMC Dark grey, London grey, Light grey) and then cut a small piece of foam from the packaging and used it like a sponge with a pair of tweezers. A heavy sponging first in patches of the Dark grey and then go over these with the same colours of London and Light grey. Finally I did a very light sponging of VMC Grey White. I didn't mix much water, if at all, with the paints so they remained very thick and dabbed them on kitchen roll like you would if you were dry brushing before applying to the horse.

    2. hi daz, sounds very interesting! and the results speaks for it - i will try it!! :-)